25th Anniversary of Kairuki Hospital (KH)

In celebrating its 25th Anniversary, Kairuki Hospital in collaboration with NHIF is currently offering free health services such as Body mass index (BMI), Checking Haemoglobin (HB), Blood Pressure (BP), Blood Glucose level (RBG) as well as health education to educate the community.

During these activities, DAMU SALAMA and Blood Donors Association Tanzania (BLODAT) participate in blood donation. Such activities were carried out at Mwananyamala kwa Kopa area for three days from 28th to 20th November, 2012.

On 05th December, 2012 KH extended these services to the elderly and disabled people at Nunge Center in Kigamboni whereby various donations were done to the Nunge Health Centre including; Hospital Beds, Mattresses, Mosquito Nets , Dressing parks, curtains and variety of drugs; clothes were also donated to the elderly at the centre.

Also Kairuki Hospital donate medical and sports equipments to Kibiti Government Health Center in celebrating 25th anniversary.