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To grow and build capacity so as to provide medical services in different areas of specialty and super specialty.
To run a hospital that provides high quality and accessible health care at affordable cost.
Vision To grow and build capacity to cater for medical needs in different areas of specialty and super specialty.
Mission To run a hospital that provides high quality and accessible health care at affordable cost.

KAIRUKI HOSPITAL (KH), formally known as Mission Michocheni Hospital (MMH), is a service delivery company that provides healthcare services to the general public, government agencies, international agencies, NGO’s, insurance companies, self-insured employees and un-insured individuals.
Kairuki Hospital (KH) is one of the leading private hospitals in Tanzania that has now been operational for more than 30 years since its inception. It started with 20 Employees as a 30-bed maternity hospital, and expanded further over the years into a general hospital with more than 150 beds offering services in various specialties among which include internal medicine, womens' health, paedriatic, surgery and others.

The main objective for the hospital’s establishment was to provide comprehensive, high quality, accessible and affordable healthcare services utilizing competent professionals and modern technology. During the 30 years of its existence, the hospital has managed to build up an impressive reputation thereby creating a substantial customer base.
Kairuki Hospital offers referral medical services in addition to normal healthcare and preventive health checks for both in and out patients. Besides offering general and specialist medical services, Kairuki Hospital serves as the teaching hospital for its two sister institutions namely Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) and Kairuki School of Nursing (KSN).


Kairuki Hospital operates with a bed capacity of 150, while the outpatient department provides services to approximately 600 patients a day. The hospital has 350 dedicated and qualified professionals using modern technologies to provide quality services.
Health education and prevention of diseases are also included in the program of care. There are Maternal and Child Health Clinics in the hospital. We run free-of-charge mobile RCH clinics at the Mikocheni Village and the Boko peri urban area on Mondays, Thursdays and Friday every week.
We are at the forefront of medical technology and expertise and do provide a broad range of the latest diagnostic, medical and surgical facilities for the care of our patients. The skilled nurses, technicians and support staff at Kairuki Hospital, aided by state-of-the art equipment provide a suitable infrastructure for the medical professionals in providing health care of high standards.
Everyday our endeavor is to go beyond the level of our effort and set a new benchmark of caring and curing.